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Practical and Insulating

What is sheet carpeting?

Sheet carpeting, or sometimes known as roll carpeting or broadloom carpeting, is one roll of carpet laid on your floor and kept in place with installation seams. The sheet can be cut to fit you room specifications and added to the room. Installing carpet sheet is affordable but also looks tasteful and insulates your place of work.

Where should I use sheet carpeting?

Here at Pure Office Solutions Contract Flooring, we recommend using sheet carpeting in high to medium traffic areas. The stitching of the carpet makes it extremely durable so installing high footfall areas will ensure that you aren’t replacing your carpet often making it a cost- effective flooring solution for years to come.

What are the advantages of sheet carpeting?

Installing a carpet sheet can be highly beneficial to you in many ways. The flooring has numerous advantages that make it an attractive choice for commercial premises. Sheet carpeting is a great option for high traffic areas such as reception areas, corridors and staircases. It is particularly useful for hiding unfinished or damaged floor surfaces as it covers the whole area.

Equally, the large size requires fewer installation seams, which improves appearance and allows less dust to accumulate. This means employees or customers with allergies are less likely to suffer with a sheet carpet.

In addition, sheet carpeting improves insulation, warmth and is a type of acoustic flooring as it covers the floor completely. As the carpet is not broken up in anyway, it can make a space appear larger. Finally, as sheet carpet is nailed or tacked to the floor, the carpet does not move, which helps to improve safety.

What are the alternatives to carpet sheet?


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