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If you’re looking for carpets near me, choose POS Contract Flooring for a bespoke and experienced service. Specialising in commercial, educational, hospitality, and healthcare industries, we supply carpets to suit all properties and all with different uses and abilities. All our carpets near me are made of the highest quality materials to guarantee aesthetics and durability.

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A Leading Supplier Of Carpets Near Me

As a leading independent carpet supplier located in Warwickshire, we at POS Contract Flooring specialise in providing flooring solutions to cater to your bespoke industry needs. We are experts in office interior design and offer a wide selection of high-quality office furniture and cutting-edge design to accommodate installations on a modest budget to high-profile head office fit-outs.

You only need to work with one person since we take care of everything, from the initial consultation to putting the finished concept into practice. The West Midlands is where we design and produce all of our products, and to ensure that your project is finished on schedule, within budget, and to the highest level of excellence, we take great satisfaction in offering an extraordinarily high grade of service to all of our customers.

Looking for carpets near me? Come to POS Contract Flooring for a range of high quality carpets
Our carpets near you have a range of benefits and can be used for multiple industries and spaces.

Benefits Of Carpets Near Me

Carpets are the perfect flooring to create a space that is comfortable yet stylish and practical. For a flooring solution that will withstand years of heavy use in a busy commercial setting, it must be both aesthetically pleasing and durable. We are also a significant manufacturer of commercial carpets with acoustic properties.

Carpets near me should be reasonably priced, durable, and represent the style and mood of the room. The new carpet designs that are currently offered are particularly stunning because there is such intense competition among the major commercial carpet producers. Commercial carpets can now be ordered in trendy designs or company-specific colours.

Types Of Carpet We Supply

We provide carpets near me for a variety of industries and properties. Depending on the amount of durability and aesthetics, we can work with you to provide bespoke, tailored-to-you carpets. We supply a wide range of different carpet types that can do the job. These include:

Cut Pile Carpet Tiles


Cut pile carpet tiles provide an opulent finish with a velvety appearance and a soft feel. Loops are carved into the tiles to produce a flat surface and an opulent appearance. Cut pile carpet tiles will always feel comfortable underfoot, regardless of the variety of thicknesses. In low-traffic areas, we frequently advise customers to utilise chopped pile carpet tiles. Cut pile carpet tiles function incredibly well in breakout areas, boardrooms, and other similar areas.


Multi-Level Loop Carpet Tiles


This carpet is appropriate for high to medium-usage areas because of the weaving technique used to generate multi-level loop pile carpet tiles. These might include the office's main floor or the hallways. This type of carpeting is extremely durable since the piles are closely woven. Look through our selection of cut pile carpet tiles for something softer underfoot.


Loop Pole Carpet Tiles And Planks


Typically, loop pile carpet tiles are advised for areas with medium to heavy foot traffic. Loop pile carpet tiles are best used in areas like hallways or the main floor of an office. Loop pile carpet tiles are much more durable than their rivals, cut pile carpet tiles. Because of their tightly woven piles, they are designed to be stepped over.


Textured Level Loop Pile Carpet Tiles


The sturdy, long-lasting functionality of a loop pile carpet tile construction is combined with ever-expanding pattern options in textured loop pile carpet tiles. Because of the texture, different carpet strands may be at varying heights. The gorgeous, high-quality finish of our textured loop pile collection opens the door to the possibilities of a genuinely distinctive, stand-out installation with options for up/down, tandem, strand, and surface finishes.


Fibre Bonded And Entrance Matting


By considerably lowering the quantity of dirt and moisture dragged into a structure, an efficient barrier matting system, when properly specified, will help to minimise the danger of slip accidents caused by wet flooring, save maintenance costs, and improve the aesthetic of internal floorcoverings. Entrance mats can be utilised in other places where there is a higher danger of soiling and excessive wear in addition to the entrance and access points of a building. In many instances, mixing various barrier matting types results in the best performance.


Carpet Sheet


Sheet carpeting is something Pure Office Solutions Contract Flooring advises utilising in high- to medium-traffic areas. Installing high-traffic areas will ensure that you don't need to replace your carpet as frequently, making it a long-term, cost-effective flooring option. The stitching of the carpet makes it incredibly resilient.

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