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Who are POS Contract flooring?

POS Contract flooring are a supplier and installer of a wide variety of high-quality flooring with national coverage. Our flooring solutions span across a range of industries including commercial offices, education, healthcare and hospitality and leisure. We are flooring specialists with the expertise to not only install and supply but to advise you on which flooring solution is the best fit for your space. Commercial carpet solutions are one of the many forms of flooring we supply and install. We have a range of different types of commercial carpet that all have their own qualities and suit different settings.

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Benefits of commercial carpets

If you are
undecided on which type of flooring to get installed below is a list of all the
benefits of choosing commercial carpet for your building.

  • Safety – First and foremost carpet can add to the safety of your building for you and your employees. With anti-slip qualities, carpet will prevent accidents due to spillages or wet floors.
  • Environmentally friendly – Carpets  
  • Thermal efficiency – Having commercial carpet installed in your office can help save money on your heating bills as well! Certain carpets combined with high-quality underlay will insulate your office stopping the heat from escaping.
  • Low maintenance – With commercial carpets the maintenance to keep them looking as new and fresh as the day they were installed is very low! We advise you to hoover your carpet a minimum of once a week and do a deep clean of your carpet twice a year.
  • Aesthetically pleasing – Creating the right impression for your customers, clients is important for a business. A clean carpet that incorporates your branding can enhance the look of your working environment making it cleaner and look more professional. Installing carpet can also increase your employee’s productivity by making them more comfortable whilst at work.
  • Noise absorbing – Commercial carpet absorb sound resulting in a quieter working environment. Whilst in meetings or on phone calls you won’t be disturbed by the noise of someone walking or moving on the carpet.
  • Affordable – Commercial carpet is one of the most popular and most affordable flooring solutions you can get. You will not have to compromise on quality to find an affordable commercial carpet solution at POS Contract Flooring.
  • Variety of Options – There a many different types of commercial carpet that you can get for your building. Different styles, different colours result in your having a choice to find the perfect solution for your commercial space.

Commercial Carpets near me that can be installed

There is no
surprise as to why commercial carpets are the preferred flooring solution in
offices, boardrooms, conference rooms, corridors, and reception areas. Here at
POS Contact flooring, we have a vast range of different carpets that suit
different industries.

Multi level loop carpet

Multi level
loop carpet tiles are commonly referred to as high-low loop pile. These tiles
are unique as they consist of a combination of loops of different heights to
create a textured look to the carpet tiles. This design of carpet tile is
perfect for medium to high footfall areas, is it resilient and easy to clean.

Cut pile carpet tiles

Cut pile
carpet tiles are designed to be very aesthetically pleasing. They offer a
luxurious finish whilst also having a soft feel. You can get cut pile carpet
tiles in different thicknesses and colours. We would suggest the best place to
get cut pile carpet tiles installed would be in low footfall areas.

Loop pile carpet tiles and planks

Loop pile
carpet tiles and planks are robust, they are commonly used in corridors,
reception, and main floor office spaces. POS Contract flooring offer these
carpet tiles with a class 33 heavy commercial wear classification. You can get
loop pile carpet tiles and planks in a variety of colours meaning you are able
to incorporate your brands colours into the carpet.

Textured level loop pile carpet tiles

level loop pile carpet tiles are hardwearing designed to be installed in heavy
foot traffic areas. The tiles are structured to keep the carpet looking as new
as the day you got it. Our textured level loop pile carpet tiles are
high-quality and have a striking and unique finish to them. You can get an
up/down, surface, strand or tandem design finish.

Fibre bonded and entrance matting

matting is often forgotten about or overlooked in commercial buildings, but it
does create the first impression of your building and your business. Having a
high-quality functioning entrance matt is the first line of defense in tackling
and capturing dust and dirt so it isn’t later carried on to other carpets
around the building. It can also lower your maintenance costs and prevent slip

Carpet sheet

carpeting is also known as roll carpeting and broadloom carpeting. The sheet
will be cut to the dimensions of your room but will be rolled out in one and
kept in place with installation seams. This is an affordable option that looks
professional and offers insulation to your work place.

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