Commercial Carpet Suppliers

As commercial carpet suppliers we understand that to keep going against years of heavy use, a busy commercial setting needs a flooring option that is both visually fitting and long-lasting. We are also a significant manufacturer of commercial carpets for acoustic floors, let us know if this is something your commercial space would benefit from.

As commercial carpet suppliers, we are confident we can offer you reasonably priced, durable, and complementing designs. Given how fiercely competitive the leading commercial carpet producers are, the new carpet designs that are now on the market are quite amazing. There are now plenty of Commercial carpets available in more desirable designs.. We can realise your vision as commercial carpet suppliers and our extensive experience with commercial spaces like yours. Whatever your specifications are, we have all types of carpets to match them.

Our Range As Commercial Carpet Suppliers

The features of the carpet fibre and its cost determine how different commercial carpeting is. It is important to consider important carpet properties while evaluating traffic flow and maintenance. Our cut-pile carpet tiles and other luxurious carpet constructions are more appropriate for entry halls and other low-traffic areas. Our carpet sheet works best in an area with high traffic, such as the main office or corridor. As Commercial Carpet Suppliers, our goal is to furnish your whole office with carpets and other flooring to create the perfect work environment.

When planning a dust mite- and allergy-free workstation, it is essential to consider the health consequences of flooring, as most people spend ninety percent of their time inside. Not only does this improve the experience for any high-profile clients, but it also improves the everyday lives of your employees, which leads to happier and more productive workers.

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Key Characteristics We Hold As Commercial Carpet Suppliers

As commercial carpet suppliers, we understand that your workspace needs flooring that can withstand and suit the kind of environment. That's why our commercial carpets are:


The flooring only needs to be vacuumed or mopped; no extra upkeep is needed.


The flooring is appropriate for locations like stairwells, hallways, and entrances that wear down the fastest.


The flooring's purpose is to lessen the amount of noise that echoes throughout the space.


There won't be any dust mites or allergies on the flooring.

We’ve done all the planning so you don’t have to! Commercial carpet suppliers can facilitate your most bustling or most peaceful areas. Read more about our range:

The Types Of Commercial Carpets We Offer

  • Cut Pile Carpet Tiles 
  • Multi–Level Loop Carpet Tiles 
  • Loop Pile Carpet Tiles and Planks 
  • Textured Level Loop Pile Carpet Tiles
  • Fibre Bonded and Entrance Matting 
  • Carpet Sheet
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If you require commercial carpet suppliers - then look no further. Here at POS Contract Flooring, we have the expertise and range of flooring solutions to transform your space. And don’t worry about the specifications, let our team know and we will help provide you with the best options.