Commercial Kitchen Flooring

Making sure you choose the right commercial kitchen flooring four your kitchen is integral for ensuring health and safety for staff and customers is met. There are many different options to choose from including vinyl flooring, safety flooring and more. Every commercial kitchen commonly suffers with the mess from grease, oils, sauces, butters and so much more so it’s important that the floor you choose is sufficient for ensuring the mess is cleaned quickly and easily.

Vinyl Flooring for Commercial Kitchen Flooring


If you are looking for the ideal type of flooring for your kitchen, one of the best and most common option Vinyl Flooring. Its built to withstand a high level of wear and can easily be wiped down without any concern for damage. Kitchens are most likely to be the main area for leaks and spillages of food and drinks. This is why its important for the flooring to be both durable and easy to clean so that any spillages that do occur can be cleaned and forgotten quick and sufficiently.

kitchen safety flooring

Safety Flooring for Commercial Kitchen Flooring

Here at POS Contract Flooring we understand the importance of preventing slips, trips, and falls in the workplace with it being the number one cause for injury. In a demanding area that is always busy and fast paced, its important to have a flooring solution in place that is maintainable and capable of staying intact after a busy day of work. Having a floor that is anti-slip is not only a health and safety measure that is necessary but its also useful to ensure that employees have peace of mind that their working environment meets safety standards. Safety flooring for commercial kitchen flooring is easy to fit, stain resistant, durable, low maintenance and so much more, making it the perfect contender for a commercial kitchen floor.

Features of our Commercial Kitchen Flooring

Our kitchen flooring is equipped to be the highest of quality so that they are extremely durable for areas where there is frequent walk wear and common spillages. Our flooring is very low maintenance meaning there is no special cleaning that needs to be done, the flooring can simply be cleaned with a hoover or mop. We are proud to say that our flooring is manufactured using all sustainable materials and is 100% recyclable. Additionally, our floors are anti-allergy, therefore do not harbour any allergens or dust mites, something essential to an area such as a kitchen where hygiene is the upmost priority.

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