A commercial office space requires flooring which blends aesthetics with functionality. The flooring installed in a space can hinder the overall aesthetics if not done correctly. Office flooring requires a certain look and feel that reflects what goes on inside the building. Determining what look and feel you envision for your commercial space will help you choose the perfect flooring.

Do you want the space to feel warm, help with sound insulation, and have an overall softness? Not only does flooring contribute to a room’s aesthetic, but also its functionality, productivity and level of comfort to staff and visitors. For example, we provide flooring for kitchens and hospitality properties.

One major factor in selecting flooring for a space is the amount of traffic it will need to withstand. Certain materials can stand up to more wear and tear than others and this should be a factor in your selection.

When deciding what type of flooring you require there are several important factors to consider such as budget, design, traffic and maintenance requirements.

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