A plush and soft feel carpet solution

What are cut pile carpet tiles?

Cut pile carpet tiles offer a luxurious finish with a soft feel and plush appearance. The tiles have loops cut to create a flat surface and a luxurious look. Despite the range of thicknesses, cut pile carpet tiles will always provide a soft feel under foot.

Most people find that cut pile carpet tiles are softer than their alternative, loop pile carpet tiles, due to the cut and the materials they’re made of. Cut pile carpet tiles are typically made of nylon or a composite of other synthetic ingredients. Loop pile carpet tiles are more hard wearing and resilient so one thing we suggest to customers is to combine cut pile carpet tiles with harder wearing carpet tiles for a truly magnificent finish which will last.

Where should I use cut pile carpet tiles?

We usually suggest that customers use cut pile carpet tiles in low footfall areas. As cut pile carpet tiles usually have medium durability, we would not recommend them for high footfall areas such as corridors and staircases.Cut pile carpet tiles work extremely well in breakout areas, boardrooms and other similar areas.

What are the advantages of cut pile carpet tiles?

One of the most prominent benefits of cut pile carpet tiles is the accessibility they provide to the floor below. Underfloor systems such as telephone and electrical wires remain reachable after the tiles are installed. Alongside this, the tiles are easily removed and replaced if they become damaged. Cut pile carpet tiles are very convenient and practical when it comes to office structuring and design.

Additionally, cut pile carpet tiles offer maximum design flexibility. As tiles, different colours can be placed next to each other to suit your colour scheme and office layout.

What are the alternatives to cut pile carpet tiles?