Education Homogeneous – Single Sheet Vinyl

Rigid and Tough

Homogeneous vinyl floor covering is made of one single layer that does not have a backing. This gives the flooring the rigidity and toughness perfect to be used in places that experience heavy foot traffic. The surface coat of polyurethane resists dirt and spills as well as being anti-bacterial and fungicidal. It is not only easy to maintain but practical and economical. While homogeneous PVC flooring is not considered a ‘high-end’ choice, it does very well in educational environments due to its excellent durability.

This type of flooring is mainly available in solid colours. The single layer of this flooring gives them vibrancy and depth in colour.

ow maintenance icon LOW MAINTENANCE

The flooring does not require any special maintenance considerations, just a hoover or mop.

durable icon DURABLE

The flooring is suitable for areas which wear down the quickest, for example entrance ways, corridors and stairways.

sustainable icon SUSTAINABLE

The flooring was manufactured using sustainable materials and is 100% recyclable.

easy to fit icon EASY TO FIT

The flooring is relatively easy to fit.

stain resistant icon STAIN RESISTANT

The flooring will not stain if the spillage is dealt with quickly.

slip resistant icon SLIP RESISTANT

The flooring is designed to remain slip resistant when wet

waterproof icon WATERPROOF

The flooring will not be permanently damaged if wet

anti-allergy icon ANTI-ALLERGY

The flooring will not harbour allergens or dust mites