Here at POS Contract Flooring, we understand that hospitals and healthcare facilities have special flooring requirements. We know how important it is for all flooring to be hygienic and clinically clean. Surface finishes need to meet the strictest infection control, hygiene and health and safety standards. We supply healthcare flooring solutions with patients and care staff in mind. Our durable, high-traffic healthcare flooring solutions are specially designed to contribute to patient recovery and the efficiency of medical staff.

Flooring for healthcare facilities

The selection of suitable flooring is an important factor in the prevention of slips, as required by the Workplace (Health, Safety and Welfare) Regulations 1992.

We have a track record of successfully helping a wide range of healthcare professionals to improve the appearance and safety of their working environment.

Easy to clean healthcare flooring

One of the most important criteria points for healthcare flooring is that it can facilitate a fast and effective cleaning regime by being seamless, smooth and impervious. If the floor is damaged then it will become difficult to clean, with the potential for germs to accumulate within unwanted cracks. Our multi-layer sheet vinyl hospital floors are structured as one continuous floor, cut to specification, so there are no cracks and the floor is at one level, so easy to clean.

Help to separate areas

At POS Contract Flooring, we recognise thee needs and offer a wide range of vinyl healthcare flooring solutions that are easy to clean but look stylish. Our design expertise can make drastic improvements to healthcare environments for patients, visitors and staff. Simply using different colours and layout schemes for individual areas can have a big impact. Ensuring corridors are easy to navigate and waiting areas are pleasant and comfortable.


Healthcare flooring needs to maintain its colour and seamless, smooth feel properties to keep the premises as sterile as possible. We recognise that the floor of such a place faces constant challenges such as heavy footfall traffic from staff, patients and wheeled equipment, spillages of liquids and potentially corrosive substances, frequent cleaning and physical impacts. Our floors are built with this in mind; hard-wearing with a commitment to remaining hygienic.

From cleanliness and accessibility to heavy wear and promoting a healing environment — healthcare facilities face many daily demands. Your flooring is a crucial part of creating a quality care setting.


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