Healthcare Vinyl Flooring

At POS Contract Flooring, we recognise that the healthcare sector encompasses a spectrum of facilities, from the local pharmacy to A&E in a state-of-the-art hospital. The standard of flooring in these establishments therefore depends on the purpose. However, we ensure that all healthcare flooring that we install meets a high standard of safety and hygiene. Additionally, we provide bright designs that can divide rooms from waiting room and reception area but also cultivate a confidence and sense of safety in staff and patients alike.

Why choose vinyl flooring for my healthcare facility?

With so may benefits , it’s no wonder that healthcare vinyl flooring is the first choice for many hospital and other facilities. Below we have highlighted the most important benefits:

Easy to clean

Healthcare vinyl flooring is easy to clean because of it’s flat with no crevices as it is normally one sheet. With no special maintenance considerations, only a hoover and a mope are required for cleaning.

Bright colours

Healthcare Vinyl Flooring installed by POS Contract Flooring uses bright colours to help with wayfinding, zoning and directing the flow of traffic. Flooring can also be used to maintain a degree of comfort to patients and positivity to staff when colourful.


Healthcare vinyl flooring is renowned for it’s ability to cope with high traffic areas. With gurneys being wheeled over it, all different types of footwear and heavy equipment being transported from A to B, durability is vital for any hospital flooring.


At POS Contract Flooring, we have made a commitment to the environment; our healthcare vinyl flooring is manufactured using sustainable materials and is 100% recyclable.

Easy to fit

As the floor is relatively easy to fit, it reduces disruption to your facility when being installed. This means you can maintain your level of service while improving your facility.


The flooring will not harbour allergens or dust mites which is vital in a healthcare facility reducing any chance of infection and maintaining hygiene standards.

Slip Resistant

Our healthcare vinyl flooring is designed to remain slip resistant when wet. This is vital when there are sick people in your facility to keep them safe.

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