Hospitality Carpet Tiles

Hard-Wearing yet Luxurious

Carpet tiles boast a hard-wearing finish with many design options available including a variety of solid colours, stripes and unique, striking patterns. We have a comprehensive selection of carpet tiles and planks that are ideal for hospitality and leisure facilities.

Carpet tiles offer extensive opportunities for unique flooring schemes with their soft feel adding an element of luxury and comfort to any building environment. They are one of the most flexible flooring solutions as individual tiles can be removed as required if damaged or stained over time rather than replacing the entire floor. They also provide easy access to raised floors and save on wastage compared to carpet sheets.

All our carpet tiles are suitable for heavy commercial use (class 33), is fully BREEAM and SKA compliant.

low maintenance icon LOW MAINTENANCE

The flooring does not require any special maintenance considerations, just a hoover or mop.

durable icon DURABLE

The flooring is suitable for areas which wear down the quickest, for example entrance ways, corridors and stairways.

sustainable icon SUSTAINABLE

The flooring was manufactured using sustainable materials and is 100% recyclable.

easy to fit icon EASY TO FIT

The flooring is relatively easy to fit.

modular design icon MODULAR DESIGN

The flooring is made up of tiles or planks which can be easily replaced if damaged.


The flooring is designed to reduce noise from reverberating around the room.