A fashionable and practical carpet solution

What are loop pile carpet tiles?

Loop pile carpet tiles begin with a traditional weaving process. The fibres are tightly woven into loops to create fixed piles. The robust structure of loop pile carpet tiles and planks boast a hard-wearing finish. There are a number of design options available including a variety of solid colours and unique, striking patterns.

POS Contract Flooring offer loop pile carpet tiles and planks with class 33 heavy commercial wear classification. The benefits here are extensive opportunities for unique flooring schemes with their soft feel adding an element of luxury and comfort to any commercial environment.

Where should I use loop pile carpet tiles?

Loop pile carpet tiles are usually recommended for medium to high footfall areas. Somewhere like a corridor or the main floor of the office would benefit from loop pile carpet tiles. Unlike their counterparts, cut pile carpet tiles, loop pile carpet tiles have a high level of durability. They are made to be walked over due to their tightly woven piles. For a carpet that feels softer under foot for lower footfall areas, look at our cut pile carpet tile range.

What are the advantages of loop pile carpet tiles?

Loop pile carpet tiles are great for showing you artistic flair. As they are tiles, you can combine solid colours with striking patterns to suit your office layout and match your chosen colour scheme.

Another benefit to the tile system is that it is easy to take up loop pile carpet tiles. This is handy if they are damaged or there are under floor systems such as telephone or electrical wires that need to be accessed.

Finally, the weaving process of loop pile carpet tiles makes for an easy to clean carpet. As the carpet doesn’t hold dirt or debris after vacuuming, we have found that loop pile carpet tiles limits dust from triggering allergies.

What are the alternatives to loop pile carpet tiles?