Office Carpet Tiles

Carpet tiles boast a hard-wearing finish with many design options available including a variety of solid colours, stripes and unique, striking patterns. The tiles are a popular choice for many businesses due to the modular design and their hard wearing, low maintenance qualities. Carpet tiles are common in offices because instead of laying down a large roll of sheet carpet, the individual tiles can be laid down quickly and relatively hassle-free.

A tile based system, works by placing the office carpet tiles along the floor to suit your office structure. This leaves you with a plush looking floor carpet, unique to your office as you have chosen the tiles and their positioning.

The advantages of carpet tiles

There are many advantages associated with installing office carpet tiles as outlined below:

  • The tiles are relatively low maintenance as no specialist cleaning equipment is required to clean the carpet. A hoover will do to pick up any dirt acquired over the week
  • Office carpet tiles are durable and are perfect for areas with high footfall such as entrance ways, corridors and stairways.
  • All our flooring is manufactured using sustainable materials that are 100% recyclable so you can rest with the knowledge that your office is doing it’s part for the environment
  • We will not spend much time fitting the flooring a it is relatively easy to fit, minimising any disruption to your day to day work
  • As the flooring is modular, you can replace the tiles easily if damaged
  • Finally, office carpet tiles help reduce noise reverberating around the room which is perfect for a busy office that often gets loud. These tiles are built for acoustic purposes.

Office Carpet tiles vs Sheet Carpeting

The most common alternative to office carpet tiles is having sheet carpet fitted. The sheet carpet is one large area of carpet all attached and secured using nails along the seams. This is a cost-effective option and does well under heavy footfall. Equally, with fewer installation seams, the carpet works well for those with allergens as less dust can become trapped within the carpet. A lot of offices use carpet sheet for this very reason.

On the other side is carpet tiles. Office carpet tiles offer extensive opportunities for unique flooring schemes with their soft feel adding an element of luxury and comfort to any commercial environment. They are one of the most flexible flooring solutions as individual tiles can be removed as required if damaged or stained over time rather than replacing the entire floor. They also provide easy access to raised floors and save on wastage compared to carpet sheets.

Carpet tiles are cost effective in the long run as damage to one does not lead to ripping up the entire floor, just the one tile. Like carpet sheet, the tiles are hard wearing so the likelihood of needing to do this is slim, however it gives an added sense of security. Carpet tiles for offices also give you a bit more design freedom as you can mix and match which tile goes where creating a gorgeous pattern of colours.

All our carpet tiles are suitable for heavy commercial use (class 33), is fully BREEAM and SKA compliant.

low maintenance icon LOW MAINTENANCE

The flooring does not require any special maintenance considerations, just a hoover or mop.

durable icon DURABLE

The flooring is suitable for areas which wear down the quickest, for example entrance ways, corridors and stairways.

sustainable icon SUSTAINABLE

The flooring was manufactured using sustainable materials and is 100% recyclable.

easy to fit icon EASY TO FIT

The flooring is relatively easy to fit.

modular design icon MODULAR DESIGN

The flooring is made up of tiles or planks which can be easily replaced if damaged.


The flooring is designed to reduce noise from reverberating around the room.