Office Carpeting

Pure Office Solutions Contract Flooring are specialists in providing high quality, stylish office carpeting to suit any space perfectly. When you choose office flooring, you need something that is both functional and contemporary to fit your bespoke interior design. When you choose office carpeting with us at POS Contract Flooring, you will receive the highest level of service where we will handle everything for you, from the initial site visit to installation and aftercare.

Why Choose Office Carpeting?

When choosing the type of flooring for the office, office carpeting is often at the top of the list for companies because of its reliability, variety of design choices, excellent acoustic properties, and a wealth of other benefits that tick all the appropriate boxes. Find out more about our carpet installation service.

Workplace carpeting is the ideal choice for any office design project since it gives you more freedom and flexibility in creativity and design than any other flooring material. Custom carpet manufacturers give you the capabilities to create almost anything on high-quality material at an affordable price with modern high-velocity dye technologies. Given that it makes up a sizable portion of office space, flooring is a crucial component of any design project. Office carpeting is the most practical flooring option for an everyday work environment because of its capacity to absorb and increase sound in an open office layout, allowing you to make the most of this area by designing something that defines the brand you are working for.

We provide high quality office carpeting in a range of colours and sizes. Shop today at POS Contract Flooring
The variety of office flooring we provide include cut pile carpet tiles, carpet planks, and carpet sheets which are all durable and provide longevity

Office Carpeting With POS Contract Flooring

When looking at flooring for your office space, it’s important to choose the correct option that will provide longevity and durability. Office carpeting should be reasonably priced, durable, and represent the style and mood of the room.

The new carpet designs that are currently offered are particularly stunning because there is such intense competition among the major commercial carpet producers. Commercial carpets can now be ordered in trendy designs or company-specific colours. If you have a vision, we can make it happen. We are able to design the office floor of your dreams thanks to our extensive selection of carpet tiles, planks, and sheets.

The variety of office flooring we provide include cut pile carpet tiles, carpet planks, and carpet sheets which are all durable and provide longevity

Benefits Of Office Carpeting

When choosing office carpeting to fit your space, you will gain from many benefits that you wouldn’t necessarily get from other flooring types. These benefits include:


Low maintenance: This type of flooring doesn’t require any special maintenance, just a mop of hoover

Durability: Our carpeting options are perfect for all areas with high footfall, such as entrances, corridors, and stairways

Sustainable: Our flooring is always sourced sustainably, and is made from sustainable materials and is 100% recyclable

Designed to suit you: Our office carpeting is made up of different styles such as tiles and planks which make them easy to replace if damaged and means you can save money by not having to replace a large surface area

Acoustic properties: Our flooring is designed to reduce noise pollution by preventing reverberation around the room

Anti-Allergy: This flooring is anti-allergy and will therefore not harbor dust mites or allergens. It is also super easy to keep clean and therefore is safe to have throughout your office

Different Types Of Office Carpeting We Provide

Office flooring needs to reflect the activities taking place inside the building and have a specific look and feel. Selecting the ideal flooring will be aided by knowing the appearance and atmosphere you want for your commercial space.

That’s why here at POS Contract Flooring, we stock and provide a wide variety of office carpeting that offers different advantages. Our choices are:


Cut pile carpet tiles: Cut pile carpet tiles provide an opulent finish with a velvety appearance and a soft feel. Loops are carved into the tiles to produce a flat surface and an opulent appearance. Cut pile carpet tiles will always feel comfortable underfoot, regardless of the variety of thicknesses.

Carpet Planks: Class 33 high commercial wear loop pile carpet tiles and planks are available from POS Contract Flooring. The advantages here include numerous options for distinctive flooring designs, and their plush texture adds a touch of elegance and comfort to any professional setting.

Carpet Sheet: Sheet carpeting is something Pure Office Solutions Contract Flooring advises utilising in high- to medium-traffic areas. Installing high-traffic areas will ensure that you don't need to replace your carpet as frequently, making it a long-term, cost-effective flooring option. The stitching of the carpet makes it incredibly resilient.

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