Luxury Vinyl Tiles for Offices

Water Resistant and Beautiful

Luxury Vinyl Tile (LVT) are the latest advancement in flooring, combining durability, water resistance and innovative design with beautiful depth of colour.  It is becoming an increasingly popular as an affordable alternative to real wood, ceramic or stone. There are endless creative possibilities, with varying sizes and patterns giving a high-end finish.

LVT are available in a wide range of stunning wood and stone effects in natural colours and embossed textures which allow you to see and feel grains, grooves and knots – just like the real thing.

LVT’s unique design has a protective polyurethane layer over the top which is extremely hard wearing and protects the floor against scratches and dirt, offering maximum protection with minimum maintenance. LVT’s are hygienic and easy to keep clean without having to use expensive products, just a mop will do.

low maintenance icon LOW MAINTENANCE

The flooring does not require any special maintenance considerations, just a hoover or mop.

durable icon DURABLE

The flooring is suitable for areas which wear down the quickest, for example entrance ways, corridors and stairways.

sustainable icon SUSTAINABLE

The flooring was manufactured using sustainable materials and is 100% recyclable.

easy to fit icon EASY TO FIT

The flooring is relatively easy to fit.

modular design icon MODULAR DESIGN

The flooring is made up of tiles or planks which can be easily replaced if damaged.

stain resistant icon STAIN RESISTANT

The flooring will not stain if the spillage is dealt with quickly.

slip resistant icon SLIP RESISTANT

The flooring is designed to remain slip resistant when wet.

waterproof icon WATERPROOF

The flooring will not be permanently damaged if wet.

anti-allergy icon ANTI-ALLERGY

The flooring will not harbour allergens or dust mites.