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Merry Christmas from the Pure Office Solutions Contract flooring team! We know with the office parties, festive get-togethers, long lunches, and cold weather our office flooring is going to get neglected! From soggy boots to the odd food and drink spillages we have put together a blog post with some of our top tips to party-proof your office flooring.

Entrance matting


Whether you have wood, laminate, or carpet flooring the biggest carpet destroyer is grit, salt, and mud! The grit and hard dirt can scratch your wooden flooring or wear down your carpet. Salt can also leave white residues on the floor. Your first line of defense are mats! Having mats at every entrance to the building your employees are able to wipe their feet before entering the building. This will considerably lower the amount of grit, salt, and dirt that comes into contact with the floor. To find out what matt solutions POS Contract flooring offer click here

Maintenance. Stay on top of your floor cleaning routine! If your office is made up of wooden or laminate flooring mop and polish your floor every day to ensure if any grit or dirt does make contact, you remove the dirt to stop build-up. Similarly, if you have office carpet or vinyl tiles hoover every evening to reduce the build-up of grit and dirt within the carpet. You can also purchase a carpet protector as an extra layer of protection.


Stock up on cleaning products! If you have cleaning supplies on hand to mop up spillages as soon as possible there is less chance it will stain. Having wooden flooring in your kitchen and communal areas will make cleaning up a little easier. When acting upon spillages if you have cloths, paper towels, and floor spray to hand you save yourself a lot of hassle. Dry mopping hardwood floors will prevent making the floor slippery causing more spillages.

Get your festive floor kit at the ready! For wooden floors use microfiber cloths, mops, and kitchen rolls. For LVTs and laminates use soapy water, microfiber cloths, and vacuums

Alternatively, POS contract flooring can supply and install high-quality contract flooring designed to suit all your needs. For more information visit the website today by clicking here.


No matter, if it’s a Christmas party, Christmas jumper day, or secret Santa turning up the heating in the office, is always a topical debate. The effect heating has on flooring is overlooked when thinking about heating. The comfort of your employees and energy bills are the first thing you think of when heating in winter. However, heating will dry out your floor. In very extreme cases the heat can cause cracks in the floor and even shrinkage. Identifying and eliminating drafts around the office could result in you not needing the heating on so high or for so long. If turning the heating down isn’t an option for you and your office, you can purchase a humidifier that will put moisture back in the air. A more cost-effective solution for adding moisture back into the air by placing bowls of lukewarm water around the office. You can make this look festive by adding some waterproof baubles and making it a part of your Christmas display!

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