Robust and Hardwearing Carpet Tiles

What are textured level loop pile carpet tiles?

Textured loop pile carpet tiles combine the robust, hardwearing performance of a loop pile carpet tile construction with ever-expanding design possibilities. The textured aspect allows different carpet strands to be at different heights. The striking, high-quality finish of our textured loop pile range introduces the possibility for a truly unique, stand out the installation with up/down, tandem, strand and surface finishes available.

Where should I use textured level loop pile carpet tiles?

Due to their robust structure, we recommend that these carpet tiles are used specifically for high to medium traffic areas. Their structure keeps your carpet looking as new as the day it was installed for as long as possible. Areas such as receptions, corridors and the main office would all benefit from this sort of carpeting. For low footfall areas, our cut pile carpet tile range has a variety of vibrant and soft carpet tiles.

What are the advantages of textured level loop pile carpet tiles?

Combining heavy commercial class 33 wear classification makes textured level loop pile carpet tiles suitable for public and large open spaces. Environments such as universities, offices, libraries or airports all benefit from this type of flooring due to the durability and aesthetic combination. The tiles offer endless design opportunities with a soft, luxurious finish. So, if you’re looking for new carpeting, textured loop pile carpet tiles are the perfect addition to any commercial property or public space. The high-quality design and sturdy nature of the carpet work hand in hand to create an engaging yet practical working environment.

Additionally, as these are tiles and not sheets, if one carpet tile gets damaged, it is easy and relatively cheap to replace that tile. This saves disrupting day to day work in an office or commercial area.

What are the alternatives to textured level loop pile carpet tiles?