Vinyl Office Flooring

Vinyl office flooring combines durability and versatility, making it the smart choice for your workspace. Able to withstand heavy foot traffic whilst being easy to maintain and clean, vinyl flooring is the perfect flooring solution to meet the demands of a bustling office environment.

At POS Contract Flooring, we specialise in delivering vinyl flooring options tailored to meet the unique demands of your business. Whether you’re looking to create a contemporary co-working space that inspires innovation or design a traditional office that aligns with your brand aesthetics, vinyl flooring offers businesses the flexibility to create functional, durable, visually appealing spaces.

What is Vinyl Office Flooring?

Flooring plays a significant role in creating the right atmosphere and ensuring practicality in different types of offices.  Vinyl flooring is a versatile and popular flooring choice, designed with the specific requirements of office settings in mind. Due to the heavy footfall and traffic that are associated with office environments, it’s crucial to invest in flooring that can endure these factors.

Vinyl office flooring is comprised of multiple layers that make for a resilient, aesthetically versatile, and easy-to-maintain flooring solution. These layers include:

Backing Layer: The flooring is stabilised and supported by this bottom layer.

Vinyl Core Layer: The flooring’s resilience and longevity are derived from the high-density vinyl core found in this layer. Vinyl can be composite or solid.

Design Layer: The adaptability of vinyl flooring’s design makes it very popular for a variety of different workspaces. It features a high-quality printed design that can replicate many materials including tile, stone, wood, or unusual patterns. This layer is the decorative component of the flooring.

Wear Layer: The flooring is protected from stains, scratches, and general wear and tear by the transparent protective coating that covers the top layer. The flooring's longevity is determined by the wear layer’s thickness.

Design Layer: Commercial vinyl flooring is popular due to its design versatility. It features a high-quality printed design that can mimic various materials like wood, stone, tile, or unique patterns. This layer is the aesthetic element.

Wear Layer: The top layer, the wear layer is a clear, protective coating that protects the flooring from scratches, stains, and daily wear and tear. The thickness of the wear layer determines the durability of the flooring.

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The Benefits of Vinyl Flooring For Offices

Versatility:  Looking for a type of vinyl office flooring that creates a luxury look, or are you searching for a solution for your workspace that is durable but still looks professional? Vinyl Flooring is available in a wide range of styles, colours, and patterns, allowing you to customize your workspace to reflect your brands' identity. It can be used in various areas of your office, from communal spaces to private offices, meeting rooms and hallways.

Easy Maintenance: Vinyl office flooring is incredibly easy to clean and maintain. Spills and stains can be effortlessly wiped away, making it an excellent choice for areas prone to high usage. At POS Contract Flooring, all our vinyl flooring is waterproof, which it won’t swell, buckle, or lose integrity when exposed to water.

Durability: Vinyl office flooring is known for its exceptional durability. It can withstand heavy foot traffic, making it ideal for busy office environments. Its resistance to wear and tear ensures a long-lasting, cost-effective solution. Vinyl also produces a comfortable surface to walk on as it’s less rigid than hard flooring options, reducing strain on employees who spend long hours in the office.


Cost-Effective: Compared to alternatives like hardwood or genuine stone, vinyl flooring is often the more affordable option. It offers a reasonably priced way to achieve high-end style without going over budget.

Choose POS Contract Flooring For Vinyl Flooring

Flooring plays a significant role in creating the right atmosphere and ensuring practicality in different types of offices. Vinyl office flooring offers a perfect blend of durability, aesthetics, cost-effectiveness, and ease of maintenance, making it an excellent choice for office spaces. At POS Contract Flooring, we have a wide range of vinyl flooring options that combine style and durability, and a huge variety of designs and colours to suit any office aesthetic. Offering competitive pricing, on-time project delivery, and meticulous installation services, POS Contract Flooring ensures you get the perfect balance between aesthetics and functionality for your space. Whether you’re looking to create a professional, stylish, or practical environment, vinyl flooring provides a versatile and reliable solution that can meet the unique demands of your workspace.  

Vinyl office flooring is a cost-effective, resilient, and adaptable choice that comes with a variety of design possibilities to suit the unique requirements of your office space. Contact POS Contract Flooring today if you’re searching for vinyl flooring that seamlessly blends durability, affordability, and style. Get in touch today.