Why Office Carpet Flooring Can Help Your Working Space

Office carpet flooring might seem a trivial aspect of working life, but just wait until we’ve gone through its advantages, and you’ll be laying down carpet faster than you can say ‘slip-resistant surface’.  

It is not only important for employees to work in the most productive environment, but also for employers to ensure they’re saving the most money when it comes to maintenance and insulation. So, let’s have a look at why your business should consider office carpet flooring.

carpet flooring

Acoustic Flooring

Carpet significantly reduces echoey noises, allowing for a quieter space where it is easier for more intimate and intelligible conversations with colleagues. This means a decreased chance of miscommunication, and therefore less potential stress in the office. Noise reduction also improves social interaction, creating a close-knit office that will only be good for workplace morale.


Ergonomically, office carpet flooring boosts underfoot comfort for employees, and if they are required to stand or walk consistently around the office, there is much less chance of leg strain. As an absorbent surface, carpets are designed to be slip-resistant, vastly reducing the risk of injuries in the workplace.


Carpet is generally cheaper to both maintain and replace compared to vinyl, as it will usually only require a hoover, or perhaps a mop if there is a major spillage. Vinyl flooring will need to be mopped regularly with the surface cleaner to maintain it. This frees up time that would be spent cleaning or means less money needed for a cleaner.    

Air Quality

Carpet surfaces trap airborne dust containing harmful allergens from both inside and outside the office building. In comparison to hard floor surfaces, carpets reduce dust in the air to 50%, which will give peace of mind to employees with allergies or asthma. Office carpet flooring can also lower energy costs, which is good for your business and for the environment thanks to reduced Greenhouse emissions.

Practical Design

Carpets are easy to fit, so there won’t be too much time disruption in your office. The flooring will come in tiles, planks or broadloom, which can be easily replaced if damaged so no need to tear up the entire carpet. The choice in styles and textures provides more value for money, as you can find exactly the carpet what you need for the office aesthetic you want. Choices which are considerably rarer with hard floor surfaces.

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