Commercial Safety Flooring

Commercial safety flooring is an essential part of any business that puts its employees’ health and safety first. The flooring selection may have a big influence on overall comfort, safety, and hygiene in a variety of settings, including busy offices, retail stores, and healthcare facilities. This blog will examine the significance of choosing safety flooring solutions that are appropriate for certain commercial demands, going over their importance and how we can help.

commercial safety flooring by POS contract flooring

The Importance Of Commercial Safety Flooring

Commercial safety flooring is essential to preserving a safe and risk-free atmosphere in a variety of commercial settings. It is significant for the following reasons:

Slip Resistance: One of safety flooring’s main purposes is to stop people from slipping and falling, particularly in places where spills or moisture accumulation are common. Because of the traction provided by the non-slip surface, there is a decreased chance of mishaps and injuries for staff, clients, and guests.

Durability: There is a lot of foot activity, equipment is moved around a lot, and spills happen occasionally in commercial settings. Safety flooring is made to resist these kinds of adversities; it provides strong resilience that guarantees longevity and reduces the frequency of repairs or replacements.

Cleanliness & Hygiene: Keeping business spaces clean and sanitary is crucial, especially for restaurants, healthcare institutions, and food processing facilities. To maintain strict hygiene standards and reduce the possibility of cross-contamination, safety flooring materials are frequently simple to clean and resistant to the growth of germs, mould, and mildew.

commercial safety flooring implemented in big spaces

Our Types Of Commercial Safety Flooring

Here at POS Contract Flooring, we understand these important reasons to implement commercial safety flooring into your required space. This is why we offer the following options to accommodate the kind of safety flooring your commercial setting needs:

Quick Lay – Adhesive-Free: Our QuickLay (loose lay) commercial safety flooring option is ideal for busy commercial settings requiring short turnaround times and where long-term slip resistance is a top concern. This flooring is made for adhesive-free installation! 

When a space is installed without adhesive, there is no need for drying time, and the area may be put back to use the same day.

Since the entire collection is DSMDC approved, it is ideal for use in settings that provide dementia care. 

Vinyl Tiles or Sheet: This resilient floor covering is a great option for many interior spaces because of its various health, environmental, and resistance benefits. These include public buildings, schools, businesses, airports, hospitals, reception rooms, halls, and other spaces that call for a long-lasting, all-around useful application. Our selection of safety flooring products is made of robust vinyl and is enhanced with a grid of glass-reinforced plastic fibre.

Rubber Flooring: Rubber is a very adaptable and durable flooring option. Its non-slip, long-lasting, and aesthetically pleasing qualities make it ideal for commercial settings. Other advantages of rubber flooring include its resistance to burns, fading, and normal wear and tear. Additionally, it comes in a variety of textures: smooth to facilitate mobility, or textured to offer superior slide resistance.

Learn More Or Get Started!

If you still want to find out more about commercial safety flooring, then have a read of our safety flooring page here. Or if you want to get a quote and ask us further inquiry questions, then please get in touch and our team can help you take the right steps to ensure safety in your commercial environment.