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Commercial Safety Flooring

commercial safety flooring implemented in big spaces
Commercial safety flooring is an essential part of any business that puts its employees’ health and safety first. The flooring selection may have a big influence on overall comfort, safety, and hygiene in a variety of settings, including busy offices, retail stores, and healthcare facilities. This blog will examine the significance of choosing safety flooring…
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Commercial Carpets Near Me

commercial carpet in boardroom
Who are POS contract flooring? POS Contract flooring are a supplier and installer of a wide variety of high-quality flooring with national coverage. Our flooring solutions span across a range of industries including commercial offices, education, healthcare and hospitality and leisure. We are flooring specialists with the expertise to not only install and supply but…
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Why You Should Invest In Commercial Vinyl Flooring

There are multiple reasons why you should invest in commercial vinyl flooring for workspaces such as offices, medical facilities and much!
When thinking of investing in appropriate flooring for workspaces, it is important to do your research as there are lots of different variations on the market. As commercial workspaces, such as offices, schools, medical facilities, and warehouses, to name a few, it is crucial you invest in flooring that can withstand heavy footfall and lots…
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Ideas for Your Office Refurb

Office Refurb Vinyl Flooring POS Contract Flooring
With new floor design and furniture trends constantly emerging, it can be difficult to choose the right aesthetic for your client’s space or office floor. Office remodelling can be a stressful time, but it’s also a fun process filled with new opportunities. POS Contract Flooring has rounded up some trends to help you find commercial…
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Luxury Vinyl or Laminate Flooring?

Vinyl flooring fitting POS Contract Flooring
LVT & Laminate – What’s the difference? When looking to replace flooring in your workplace or home, we tend to look for the most durable and easy-to-install option. This is where it can become confusing, as laminate and vinyl flooring offer very similar benefits, can cost about the same and are both relatively quick and…
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The Benefits of Carpet Tiles

Carpet Tiles POS Contract Flooring
Choosing Carpet Tiles for Commercial and Office Spaces Carpet tiles have become a popular alternative to traditional carpets due to their modular format – particularly within high-footfall areas, such as corridors, halls and reception areas. But what are the benefits of opting for carpet tiles over traditional carpet? what options are there available? You’d be…
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