Acoustic Flooring

Acoustic Rubber Flooring – Hygienic and Durable

Noise can have a detrimental effect in healthcare, education, work and public spaces, which can significantly affect an individual’s well-being and hinder recuperation, learning, working and comfort. We offer a range of acoustic flooring which has been developed to assist in improving the acoustic properties within commercial and public locations as well as providing the additional benefits of aesthetics, performance, hygiene and durability.  

Acoustic Vinyl & Carpet Flooring

Sound treatment is a key design consideration for almost every building, regardless of industry, in order to reduce noise disturbance and enhance sound quality. Selecting acoustic flooring materials is crucial to effective sound treatment. 

When noise is made, it will either be absorbed, reflected or transmitted by your wall, ceiling and flooring. The goal of sound treatment is to prevent transmission of sound from room to room and floor to floor and reduce background noise to enhance the quality of speech or music within rooms. 

In addition, the use of anti-bacterial and fungicidal treatments in the production of floors renders our acoustic flooring perfectly hygienic. 

Our acoustic flooring also offers exceptional shock absorption properties.


Elegantly combining contemporary and decorative design with superior acoustic performance, our acoustic flooring has been expertly created for a wide range of commercial interiors.  

A robust, beautifully designed collection that achieves 19dB impact sound reduction, providing a perfect solution for installations in the healthcare, office, education, residential, retail and leisure sectors.  

Impact sound made on the floor in one room is transmitted through the floor into rooms below. In order to measure the impact sound reduction achieved by a floor covering, impact noise is generated with a hammer machine directly onto the concrete floor slab in an emission room and the sound level (S1) is recorded. The floor covering is then laid onto the concrete slab, the same impact noise is made on the floor covering, and the new sound level (S2) is recorded. The impact sound reduction (EN ISO 717-2) is the difference, measured in decibels, between the two sound levels recorded.  

Airborne sound inside a room – ambient noise – is generated by impact noise in the room itself. To measure in-room impact noise, noise pressure is measured inside the room where the impact sound is generated, according to the standard NF-S 31-074. The measurements are classified into various categories, with Class A defining the best-performing floor coverings.  


Vinyl tiles, especially luxury vinyl tile (LVT) installed with a sound-insulating underlayment, is a great resilient flooring option used for sound treatment. It is selected by many facilities due to its design versatility, durability and relatively low maintenance costs. 


Vinyl floors are very popular because of their durability, low maintenance and versatility. Heterogeneous vinyl is a flexible multi-layer vinyl with a printed top layer providing endless design possibilities. It is available in many beautiful and unique designs that provide excellent acoustic performance and unique sound reduction properties because it can be applied from wall to wall. 


Carpet tile or carpet sheet are well known for diminishing impact sound, making them a perfect choice for leisure industriesschools and offices. Higher pile carpets or carpets with a thick pad underneath, are especially good at absorbing sound and reducing transmission. 


Commercial rubber flooring is known for its sound absorbent qualities. More than that, it is slip, mould and mildew-resistant. It is a great choice for hospitals, schools, gyms and kitchens looking for durable acoustic flooring material. 

low maintenance icon LOW MAINTENANCE

The flooring does not require any special maintenance considerations, just a hoover or mop.

stain resistant STAIN RESISTANT

The flooring will not stain if the spillage is dealt with quickly.

durable icon DURABLE

The flooring is suitable for areas which wear down the quickest, for example entrance ways, corridors and stairways.

sustainable icon SUSTAINABLE

The flooring was manufactured using sustainable materials and is 100% recyclable.

easy to fit icon EASY TO FIT

The flooring is relatively easy to fit.

modular design icon MODULAR DESIGN

The flooring is made up of tiles or planks which can be easily replaced if damaged.


The flooring is designed to reduce noise from reverberating around the room.

slip resistant icon SLIP RESISTANT

The flooring is designed to remain slip resistant when wet.

waterproof logo WATERPROOF

The flooring will not be permanently damaged if wet.

anti-allergy logo ANTI-ALLERGY

The flooring will not harbour allergens or dust mites.