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With new floor design and furniture trends constantly emerging, it can be difficult to choose the right aesthetic for your client’s space or office floor. Office remodelling can be a stressful time, but it’s also a fun process filled with new opportunities. POS Contract Flooring has rounded up some trends to help you find commercial flooring ideas for remodelled spaces and flooring suggestions that bring those ideas to life.

Home Flooring at Work

Many corporate spaces and home offices are seeing the trend towards comfortable and welcoming home designs. For this reason, Ingrained LVT is popular in many office environments due to its warm and inviting aesthetic that evokes a sense of calm. It is beneficial for employees to feel more comfortable and relaxed, and being surrounded by familiar, homely textures and finishes helps achieve this goal.

Pick a Colour for Your Office Refurb

Colours evoke emotions. Although the science is not entirely conclusive, empirical evidence suggests that colours influence our behaviour and interactions. may be suitable. Is your business analytical, data-rich, and detail-oriented? If so, choose a shade of red for your floor design. Red is believed to encourage practical thinking, and from a customer’s perspective, red is a bold and confident colour.

If your business focuses on creative problem-solving and imagination, blue is a good choice as it is said to promote creativity and comfort. Besides red and blue, the most studied colours are white for neutrality, black for strength and intelligence, and yellow for optimism. Another great option is to choose a neutral type of wood such as oak for the floor. B. Add a pop of colour to your murals, furniture, plants, and other decor with wooded habitat, nurtured, or deep-rooted colours, one of the colours in a hardwood collection.

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Go Diagonal in Your Office Refurb

Glass walls and partitions are one of the latest trends in law firms and other businesses. Widening his LVT or wooden floors in the office at an angle can create the illusion of more space. This openness encourages teamwork and collaboration, while the modern, free-flowing layout offers a striking, sophisticated aesthetic.

Create Separation in Your Office Refurb

While the previous tip talked about opening divided offices, office floors with more open layouts may favour opposite design goals. Many offices tend to have open spaces with freestanding or floating workspaces and collaboration breakout spaces. Office flooring ideas that divide these large areas with contrasting colours and textures can create a sense of visual separation while maintaining the inclusiveness of an open layout. For example, adding hardwood floors to stone floors creates a more relaxed and creative atmosphere.

Maximise Space

The floor is usually the largest area of ​​interior space, so a bold floor design can transform an entire space, regardless of its size. Get creative with commercial office flooring ideas. For example, you can use clay to manipulate the sense of size. Darker products can create a more welcoming atmosphere in workspaces designed for focused, individual work. Conversely, choosing lighter shades will make your office look more open.

Office Refurb Vinyl Flooring POS Contract Flooring

Pick a Pattern

Laying LVT flooring in unique patterns is a great way to add subtle texture to even the most understated designs. For example, a herringbone or chevron pattern in can subtly add a sophisticated and sophisticated look to any office.

Get Creative

Working in unusual or abstract spaces can be challenging, but one way he pushes the boundaries is by getting creative with his office floor design ideas. Combine LVT with hardwood floors. To create a unique floor design, he lays LVT or wood planks in an unusual, random pattern. Alternatively, use hardwood floors in conference rooms and light or dark wood tones in hallways and offices. Play with the colour possibilities and combine designs and styles. The possibilities of parterre flooring are endless. Mounting an LVT on the wall is another way to extend the space and expand creatively.

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